Caustic Recovery System

The E3 Fluid Recovery Caustic Recovery System™ (CRS™) is a Ceramic Filtration System technology, which can filter liquids to the sub-micron level.

E3's Caustic Recovery Systems™ (CRS™) is an ideally suited solution for recycling and recovering NaOH (sodium hydroxide) solution in the food and agriculture industry. The CRS™ is based on the CERA-CLEAR™  "tip of the spear" proven technology providing recovery in an industry that has not had a robust predictable safe solution until now.

The CRS™ is well suited for beverage, food or agriculture facilities that use Clean in Place (CIP) systems for cleaning and sterilizing equipment in the production and processing of foodstuffs.  Examples include cheese and other dairy production facilities, beef and  pork processing facilities, chicken processing plants, egg processing and washing plants. Other examples are use in beverage and botteling plants where CIP systems are also utilized.

At the heart of the CRS™ are the ceramic elements.  These elements are fabricated using an aluminum oxide matrix. Porosities to 0.01 microns are now available, providing the ability to remove all but the smallest organic molecules or soluble ions.