Waste Water Treatment Solutions

 WRS TM Wastewater Treatment Mode

In this mode in the the CERA-CLEARTM ceramic module, the liquid is filtered through the ceramic elements and as impurities build up in the re-circulation loop, a portion of the water in the loop is bled off as a reject/concentrate stream and goes to a holding tank for a second unit operation, continual concentration and eventually waste removal.

This is a simple process flow for Waste Water Treatment. The concentrate can be concentrated up as high as 45:1ratios depending on the constituents in the aqueous waste stream. This furhter reduces operating waste management (haul off) costs.


Below is typcial contaminant reduction.                                                     



Below is an example from processing a high FOG (Fats Oils and Grease) enviornment at a dairy. The customer under pressure from the municipality, went from weekly testing to semi-annual testing.

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