E3 Digital Dashboard

E3 Fluid Recovery has a highly sought after evolved cloud based Digital Dashboard that operates in conjunction with our AI AOS and Alert and Messaging System. The could platform is spread across data centers around in the U.S. for fault tolerance. The Digital Dashboard provides near real-time performance metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our CERA-CLEAR product family. For the executive. For engineering, dashboard views include technical metrics, operational parameters, messages and alerts. All without having to stand at the operators panel. This information is accessible from you phone, Phone or Android, Apple product or desktop computer.


For the owner operator, access to “big data” in an intuitive way becomes more and more important, for an enterprise with multiple locations and systems paramount

In addition to the Digital Dashboard, E3 also maintains a portal site that corresponds to the customers system so very detailed machine transactions  & operations can be reviewed to spot trends or for trouble-shooting anomalous events or conditions. E3 Customer Systems Technical Portal, no customer information is disclosed or contained. Only obscure machine codes which are encrypted in transport

The AI AOS™ Digital Dashboard also supports the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android-based personal electronic devices, tablets, Windows laptops and PC's. The AI AOS™ Digital Dashboard server infrastructure traverses multiple data centers across multiple geographic locations maximizing up-time

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