Our Mission


“A company's mission statement is a constant reminder to its employees of why the company exists and what the founders envisioned. Woe to the company that loses sight of its Mission Statement for it has taken the first step on the slippery slope to failure.”


E3 Fluid Recovery Engineering leads the way in water, chemical recovery and wastewater treatment systems. We strive for excellence in our chemical engineering, systems engineering, testing, integration and process control systems.

Our products provide innovative solutions that meet--and exceed--our customers’ expectations by their quality and the clear measurable return on investment from our industry superior systems.

We strive for perfection in our relationships with our customers: providing excellent service and superior support.


Our focus… is on our customer. E3 Fluid Recovery Engineering provides product lines for specific market segments and industries.

Our focus... is on the quality of our systems: superior design, performance, ease of use, intuitive interface, robustness, fault tolerance, longevity, zero defect manufacturing and superior materials.

Our focus...is on innovation: industry leading control systems which are autonomous and self maintaining, with transparent security, with intuitive human machine interfaces from touch screen panels, wireless mobile solutions, and personal electronic platforms.


E3 Fluid Recovery Engineering conducts business with honesty and integrity by demonstrating to our customer measurable return on investment for our systems without high pressure sales tactics.

We provide our customers pre-sales engineering expertise to understand their environment so the commensurate solution is designed and scaled to their needs and performance requirements.

We provide our customers pre and post sales engineering support from engineering to manufacturing, deployment to plant integration with information technology integration by our project engineers that employ generally accepted principles for engineering and project management.

We tailor our systems to meet our customers’ needs with the designed capacity. We don’t sell solutions that do not benefit our customers or match their needs. We provide our customers with what they require, when and where they require it.


E3 Fluid Recovery Engineering values corporate social responsibility with unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company, science-based innovation, and honesty and integrity.

We value profit from work that benefits our customers and humanity by the ecologically sound resource our systems provide our customers; enabling good stewardship of the environment.

Responsibilities (as employers and employees)

Each employee conducts himself in a professional manner

Our ability to perform quality work depends on the individual efforts of every employee and the manner in which each of us performs on project teams:

          * We provide training to our staff to assure competence of project execution.
          * We develop, maintain and utilize work processes  for consistent repeatable planning,  design, engineering and manufacturing for zero defect quality systems and deployments.

Product Families