Solutions provided by E3

E3 focuses primarily on integrated ceramic-based systems. A single one of our CERA-CLEAR™ systems can process an aqueous stream at continuous flows to several hundred gallons per minute, removing most contaminants in the effluent to non-detectable levels. Previous technologies have been limited by the chemical and temperature environments in which they operate, but CERA-CLEAR™ systems are extremely robust. They don’t wear out like traditional spiral wound polymeric membranes, even while removing more than 99% of most contaminants. Cost of purchase, operation and maintenance is low, which means a phenomenal return on investment over their long working life. They are also chemically and biologically inert, and resistant both to extreme temperatures and to concentrated acids, bases and solvents. CERA-CLEAR™ products have applicability across a wide variety of industries. In addition to recovering and recycling water, other streams that can be processed by our systems include sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solutions for recovery, juices for clarification, hydrocarbon streams (including hydraulic fracturing fluid), biofuels (ethanol) for recovery, and water in industrial applications. Our products are used by breweries, beverage companies, cheese and other dairy production facilities, beef processing facilities, chicken processing plants, egg processing and washing plants, and more.

In addition to CERA-CLEAR™, however, E3 also engineers and provides other fluid recovery systems, products and services:


  • Polymeric membrane water treatment recovery systems
  • Pre-filtration systems
  • Control system Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Control systems and interfaces for autonomous operation or integration into existing plant control systems
  • Digital Dashboard and Portal Access for systems reporting and management
  • Mechanical, system and control systems re-engineering for competitor systems

Our products are good for the environment, and they make good business sense. By taking advantage of green strategies and E3 products and services, businesses can realize an immediate return on investment while significantly lowering their carbon footprint.

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